Mumbai-based Kamayani M. has floated this petition. You cannot be a
fence-sitter vis a vis this sort of an issue. Please do read the content
and take a few minutes to sign the petition, if you agree with it or if you

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Stop accreditation of PTI Journalist accused of Sexual Harassment
To: Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi

Stop accreditation of PTI Journalist , Rupesh Samant accused of Sexual
Harassment. He was arrested and is currently facing investigation and
judicial proceedings for multiple crimes of sexual harassment . Giving him
accreditation will be in danger  of violating Constitutional values and the
rule of law . Given Samant's dubious employment history with PTI, granting
him accreditation could amount to violation of the Central News Media
Accreditation Guidelines , whereby only full time bonafide correspondents
 can obtain accreditation.

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