Back in 2013 I wrote on GoaNet about a company named Tesla and why people will 
begin to buy battery powered cars. At the time, I predicted that Tesla will go 
on to sound the death knell for gasoline powered cars within 20 years - give or 
take a few.

Well, the company is on its way to making big Moolah. You can see their latest 

You can read my original post here:

As usual, the Canadian sheikh had his two cents to add to the discussion. You 
can see at below link, my argument about why a car running on internal 
combustion is heading into a death spiral.

I couldn't wait for their car $35,000 any longer and so I got this.

But maybe, in two or three years, I may try again.

On the investment front, I was hoping OPEC would walk out of their MUNAQASHAT 
without any deal - which would have crushed the markets - which is what I was 
hoping for. Though they did walk away without any formal production cuts, they 
also threw a bone to gullible investors to ensure the price of their oil does 
not collapse. In a way, OPEC threw cold water on my expectations. But they 
better hold their line on production or else, oil heading back to $30.

Had I relied completely on OPEC outcome to make investment decisions, I would 
have been still sitting on TIPS. However, just before their meeting I got 
thinking (what if they screw up my expectations?) and decided to dabble in some 
Option Calls. The move paid off handsomely. Did you guys notice AMZN rocketed 
to the moon lately? Yeah - I was on that space ship.

On track to leave the S&P in the dust many times over.

Jim Fernandes
Scarsdale, New York.

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