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Casa de Teatro, 1856, in the backyard of Barreto-Miranda house, Borda
(precursor of Clube Harmonia de Margao)
Damodar Vidya Bhuvan, 1918, the first screen and cine projector, at
Govind Chitra Mandir, around 1930, at Comba-Margao
New Imperial Theatre, 1932, at Comba-Margao (but like Casa de Teatro, more
for stage performances)
Mavany Theatre, 1933, Francisco Luis Gomes Road, near old Margao Railway
Cine Olimpia, 1933, founded by Antonio Piedade da Costa of Tolecanto-Velim
at Sunshine Bldg, Jose Inacio Loyola Rd
Cine Rex, the roving cinema, 1935, also by AP da Costa (in Margao, operated
on the open grounds, now MMC garden)
Cine Mahalsa, 1945, Vassudev Laxman Kale (Kolhapur) at Vidya Bhuvan,
Cine Lata, 1950, a modern theatre in design, seating and accoustics ...
some notches above Cine Olimpia
Cine Metropole, 1954 (like Mavany Theatre, also by the Mavany family)
Cine Vishant, 1962, started by Shantilal Gosalia, named after elder son
Vinod (Vi) Shantilal (shant); also started Cine Prashant at Curchorem after
his younger son Pravin Shantilal (Pra-shant)

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> When was Cine Lata set up in Margao? And what about the other theatres in
> the area? Thanks for any pointers you could offer.... FN
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