Hi Frederick !
Nairobi has only two goan clubs after the Railway GoanInstitute -later
Railway Institute was disbanded ?manyyears ago. These are the Goan
Institute and the GoanGymkhana.
However, some of my Kenyan goan friends tell me thatthe Goan Gymkhana-
which was once open ?only to?Brahmins-?is only in name. I believe, the
?Hindu Shahsare the majority using the club for playing cards.
The Mombasa Institute is also thriving and an old timer ina prominent
businessman- Franklin Pereira has taken overthe reins of Presidency or
Chairmanship. In 1971, I attendeda wedding in Kisumu- the birthplace of
Barack Obama.Snr-which then ?had a Goan Club. Do not know its fate.
Like Tanzania, I am assuming that many goan clubs in smallertowns ?closed
down as goans either emigrated to larger townsin search of better jobs, or
emigrated to the First World.
Your best bet for any info would be ?goanetters who are originallyfrom
Kenya in the likes of Mervyn Maciel and Gabe Menezes.
Tony Barros (formerly from Tanzania).

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