Goa being a very small state cannot withstand mega events. Earlier this
year we were lumbered with that Defexpo and now it’s the BRICS summit. Good
governance demands that nothing should be throttled down the throat without
taking the local residents into confidence.

In fact Goans are in no way benefitting from BRICS, with even some local
businesses including fishing operations highhandedly ordered to be shut
down citing security reasons. While all the possible Tar poured to make the
road swanky for the dignitaries, the rest of Goa is enduring with potholes
and the worst being Mapusa’s ravaged roads.

For almost a month the entire administration in the State has come to a
virtual paralysis in the name of preparation for BRICS. For this event
almost the entire police force has been deployed on duty with police
stations across Goa nearly abandoned. With no traffic cops around in the
North of Goa, travelling has become a nightmare.

No event should ever disrupt the normal life of the people or be a public
nuisance, but this BRICS conclave has been a terrible ordeal especially for
the residents of South Goa for which the Government needs to apologize for
the distress the people have had to put up with.

Under the guise of BRICS even some age old trees were ruthlessly axed and
less said the better on that very inhumane and slavish treatment meted out
to the police personnel who have been made to work very long hours and that
too without food, drinking water and toilet facilities. This is indeed the
real side of the BRICS which the visiting dignitaries must be made aware of
while they wine, dine and make merry in the land of fish, feni and fun.

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