Prof. Antonio Francisco de Jesus Lopes

Permeiro ward, Chinchinim,(22-7-1900 -- 1-4-1966)

 Prof. Antonio  *“Lived his life well”* , since he   devoutly believed and
lived by the maxim,*”The righteous live on faith” *.He was the only son of
Mr. Angelo Antonio,/Mrs Etelvina Matutina. It was unfortunate losing his
father at age of 4yrs  and mother at  the age of19 yrs, which  changed the
 avowed course  of  his life.

 His early education in Portuguese  was at  Escola Primaria. He  attained
proficiency in Portuguese and Latin at Rachol Seminary. Further completed
  English Education atChinchinim(St Aloyisus) and at Margao .He was  one of
the  founder members of rechristened “New Educational  Institute”, which
was much needed facility in the Village. He taught for  many  years  in
 the renamed St Bosco`s High School.. He is fondly remembered as a
dedicated  patient,,loved and  respected teacher.  Portuguese  Govt
 appointed him in Primary  Schools atCortalim and at Macazana.(1959-1960).He
served Communidade de Chinchinim as its Attorney.. Portuguese Govt.
honoured him   and  nominated  him as Member Secretary, of Village
Administration  “Junta Local da Freguesia de Chinchinim,”(1960-1962) until
it was transformed into Village Panchayat .He was member of Confrarias “Most
Blessed Sacrament  &Sta, Rita deCasia. Married to Mrs Maria from Betalbatim has
surviving children,in Mr Socorro,,Mr Oscar. Mrs Crisalinda , Mrs Estrela and
late Mrs Ilda, Mr Angelo, Fr Conradino

Prof. Antonio  remains one of the visionaries along with Prof. of Primary
Potuguese Education, thus providing another alternative for the Villagers
of Chinchinim for English Education,  issue for migration, immigration for
employment opportunities , specially for those financiially handicapped to
move out of village for English exposure

Mr Nelson Lopes

Founder Chairman

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