People from the state of Tamil Nadu are among the most educated and highly 
learned in India.

Due to a system of education and institutes of higher learning that have served 
them well, they are the most mathematically inclined in the country, aceing 
exams and professional certifications in the math based scientific disciplines. 
Not only that, their ingenuity extends to the medical professions also and this 
is evidenced in their ranks in the United States and other western countries.

All this makes it rather odd that the average people of Tamil Nadu can sink to 
the depths of nonsense when it comes to the health and death of their 

I remember that after the death of M.G. Ramachandran a former chief minister, 
there were all forms of self harm and suicides acted out on the streets of 
Madras and other cities. People were dousing themselves with kerosene and 
gasoline and immolating themselves. All this because they pictured MGR as a God 
since he acted as one, in a popular national television series.

Those events are repeating themselves now that Jayalalitha Jayaram the present 
CM is in hospital for the past few weeks. Note this woman is as corrupt as they 
(politicians) come and she may even rank as the queen of them all.

Could the neurologists, neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, 
behavioural specialists and anyone else please explain to me why anyone would 
want to end their lives in public to show their solidarity with crooks and 

Roland Francis

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