I didn't read the contents of this link and so I don't know what it talks about.

I am responding to the subject line .... A very catchy at that ...

I would prefer to change the subject line to "What if a sitting President 
shoved a cigar up your .... Would you keep him in office?".

The answer to my question is - YES. Americans did not throw President Clinton 
out of office for the above and they certainly give a rat's @ss about 
presidential candidates' private lives. What matters is whether the candidate 
can be TRUSTED on retaining American jobs in America and whether he/she will 
kick the butt of ISIS and enemies of America.

In America, if the voting public were to vote for a candidate based on a 
candidate's sexual appetite, arguably 90% of American voting public would be 
in-eligible to run for president. Don't forget America voted for President 
Clinton twice - even though they knew of his philandering ways. 

Sex does not matter in American politics. Period. For many folks in the Battle 
Ground states, what matters is - Jobs and Security and whether the candidate 
can be trusted.

Even though the pundits place a huge probability of Hillary winning the 
elections, I still think Trump has the potential to deliver a surprise upset. 
Don't place too much value on the pundits - they lost badly during Brexit.

I am already one up this year for predicting the outcome of Brexit.

Jim Fernandes
Scarsdale, New York.

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