The title of a book by James Barr whose other work is 'A line in the Sand: 
Britain,  France and the Struggle for the Middle East.'  The story of modern 
Iraq is very much  a biography of Lawrence of Arabia, the firebrand who fought 
the Turks for three   years and then, with Churchill, shaped the borders of the 
post-Ottoman lands.    Lawrence wanted two states to emerge: a tribal Sunni 
north and an urbanized Shia south. Imperial Oil won the day, a single nation 
that encompassed Mosul/Basra emerged, with close links to Kuwait and Dahran.  
Feisal was transported from Medina and installed in Baghdad, an alien king.    
Kinahan Cornwallis, a colleague of Lawrence, made this prediction for the ill 
fated land in a post-British era: they will fly at each other's throats until 
someone strong enough to dominate the country emerges, or we step in and 
intervene.     So here we are, in a jungle where the only winners will be the 
outfits that profit from the prostitution of armaments: notice the spiffy tanks 
and armoured carriers used by ISIS.    Mosul rightfully belongs to the Kurds, 
something the Turks want to foil. And Russia will  block the ongoing Turkish 
invasion of Aleppo.    We now know that the hooker Trump's agent collected 
twelve million from Russia.    Based on his own words, we can expect him to 
offer Putin a free hand to operate any place and any way the felon chooses to 
venture.    I bet Don returns to the brothels, election night, permanently. If 
I lose, don't expect me to cough up: I have a Goanet precedent to follow.  
Merv/Gabe  will remember. 

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