Can someone help me to get links to what poet Manohar Rai SarDessai has
written in English or other European languages? Below is a rough list.. FN

A History of Konkani Literature: From 1500 to 1992 - Page 243
Manohararāya Saradesāya - 2000 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
edited by ManoharRai SarDessai. lt was later edited by Fr. H. O.
Mascarenhas. lt closed down after 4 issues. With the liberation of Goa a
new era dawned in Konkani journalism. lt is as if journalists were waiting
for the censorship to go. ln 1966 ...

Les Langues Écrites Du Monde: Relevé Du Degré Et Des Modes D'utilisation
1978 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Secretary, Konkani Bhasa Prachar Sabha Palace Road Cochin-2 Kerala. 9 -
NAME : Sardesai .Manoharrai L. ADDRESS : Department of French Centre of
Post-graduate Instruction & Research, Shushila Building l8th. June Road,
Pana j i , Goa ...

M Sardessai - Journal of South Asian Literature, 1983 - JSTOR
The liberation of Goa opened wide the floodgates of creativity. All forms
of literature began
flourishing as never before. With the removal of censorship, periodicals
grew overnight. The
poetic form that was shaped by earlier eminent poets like Bayabhau and
Bakibab Borkar ...
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[HTML] Mother tongue blues
M Sardesai - SEMINAR-NEW DELHI-, 2004 -
Mother tongue blues. MADHAVI SARDESAI. back to issue ... Jose Pereira,
1971. Konkani - A
Language: A History of the Konkani Marathi Controversy. Dharwar: Karnataka
ManoharRai SarDessai, 2000. A History of Konkani Literature. New Delhi:
Sahitya Akademi. ...
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Konkani: New Directions
MR SarDessai - Indian Literature, 1983 - JSTOR
There was a time when Konkani writers in and outside Goa were mainly
preoccupied with
the liberation of Goa and with Konkani's status as an independent language.
considera tions have inevitably coloured many of their writings. The new
generation that ...
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The Three Dimensions
M SARDESSAI - Indian Literature, 1992 - JSTOR
Willie de Silva has struck the right note and it would be absorbing to
study this struggle waged by Goans on two Scores: against attack on its
regional identity and attack on its national character: struggle against
the Portuguese who did everything in their power to ...
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[CITATION] Konkani: Stories Of The Soil
MR SarDessai, MD Sail - 1995 - JSTOR
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M SARDESSAI, N Karmali - 1994 - JSTOR
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[CITATION] Nature Poetry
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[CITATION] in Konkani: Voice of Revolt
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[CITATION] in Konkani: A Human Tale, A Social Document
M SARDESSAI, D Mauzo - 1984 - JSTOR
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The Konkani Scene: Benefits of a Common Script
M SARDESSAI - Indian Literature, 1985 - JSTOR
TT is a welcome thing that Konkani writers of Karnataka are now beginning
to use the Devanagari script for their writing. In Goa, too, Roman script
is being slowly replaced by Deva nagari. If this trend continues to gain
ground, Konkani will no longer be divided ...
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Creative Writing in Konkani
MR Sardessai - Indian Literature, 1979 - JSTOR
It would be preposterous to expect of a young, growing lite rature a
uniformity in quality and  quantity, throughout the year. Though the
year'78 is in certain respects a lean year for  Konkani it has to its
credit a few praiseworthy attempts at creative writing. Though there is ...
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Konkani: A Literature by the Young
MR Sardessai - Indian Literature, 1980 - JSTOR
Konkani literature, today, is to a large extent, a literature by the young
with all the virtues and  drawbacks characteristic of youth: vigour marred
by impetuosity, talent overshadowed by  immaturity. And yet, in many a
case, youth and maturity are wedded together in a happy ...
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Konkani: Writers And Writing
MR Sardessai - Indian Literature, 1982 - JSTOR
It is difficult to define literature. It is equally difficult to mark off
areas out of bounds for  literature. When literature encro aches upon areas
that are not strictly speaking'literary' it is a  sure sign of the maturity
and vitality of the language. Literature must embrace life and ...
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The Poet Who Will Never Die
D Mauzo - Indian Literature, 2006 - JSTOR
... Die Damodar Mauzo ManoharRai SarDesai, (1925-2006) who can easilybe
described as one of the most distinguished Indian poetsof our times, began
writing poetry at an early age. ... I pay what is my dueand enjoy what I
get." ManoharRai SarDesai was a poetof all and sundry. ...
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