Apart from name calling such as 'hooker Trump' which is cheap, see below:

The Democrats’ newfound paranoia about Russian influence on American
affairs was certainly nowhere to be found when Hillary Clinton was
cheerfully selling the Russians a huge chunk of America’s uranium
stockpile, right after a Russian bank paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a
speech. The Uranium One story is among the incidents detailed in Peter
Schweizer’s 'Clinton Cash'. A quick recap: Uranium One was originally a
Canadian company, bought out by Russia’s state atomic energy agency,
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"We now know that the hooker Trump's agent collected twelve million from
Russia.?? ?Based on his own words, we can expect him to offer Putin a free
hand to operate any?place and any way the felon chooses to venture.? ? I
bet Don returns to the brothels, election night, permanently. If I lose,
don't expect?me to cough up: I have a Goanet precedent to follow.
?Merv/Gabe ?will remember?"

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