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Mai Ge Dhobitalao : YouTube link

Mai Ge Dhobitalao - Andrew Ferrao (Goan - konkani original 
“Mai Ge Dhobitalao" - Andrew Ferrao (Andrew Ferrao Collaborations) Music 
Composer / Vocals : Andrew Ferrao | Lyrics : Roque Lazarus |…

Making musical waves in Goa


‘ Ata Kitem Korpache, Goem Kabar re Amche, Konnache gomteak dorpache, Maar 
teka, fodd teka, dor teka, soddi naka, ’ is the chorus from the catchy new 
song, ‘ Mai Ge Dhobitalao’ that is making rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp. One 
person who knows he has made a difference by producing the song is Andrew 
Ferrao from Verna. “ After uploading the song, it went viral in less than 24 
hours on Facebook and Whatsapp. I hope this works in not only being a well 
received song but a stronger message to make a difference for Goa,” says Andrew.

‘ Mai Ge Dhobitalao’ is a single with a message about Goa’s current state of 
affairs. “ It is about Goa, a piece of land like any other part of the world 
but what draws everyone here is cultural ethos of the Goan people. Even if 
harmony in the communities is strong yet youth are getting wayward and tend to 
get instigated at the drop of the hat. This is the result of over indulgence by 
parents as the chorus of the song ends with  ‘ Mar teka,  fodd teka..’ which is 
the voice of the youth in Goa today.  In the song, we are not lusting for blood 
rather we are pointing to the crime, fights and issues like influx of 
migration, land being sold by Goans rather than keeping it in the family and 
the high number of bidders from other states.   Through the song we hope that 
Goans not only save Goa but also protect the culture of the state,” explains 

The rock song was conceptualised by Andrew Ferrao in Mumbai who also did the 
music composing, and lending his vocals and the lyrics is Roque Lazarus. Steve 
Carvalho ( Mumbai) is the video director and the song was mixed and mastered by 
Umar Shaikh at Kabir Studio ( Mumbai).  Nixon Soares played the guitars, Crosby 
Fernandes ( Mumbai) on bass and Prathamesh Chari on drums. With everything 
about Goa, why was the song titled, ‘ Mai Ge Dhobitalao’? “ In Mumbai, Mai Ge 
Dhobitalao is an expression like Maiche kazar and it is used a lot by Goans 
living in Mumbai,” adds Andrew.

Andrew Ferrao has created a niche for himself as a successful performer, 
composer and producer in his 23 year- old music career. One of the most 
distinguished keyboard players in the circuit, he is known for his unique 
playing style. His wide array of musical involvement spans from performing with 
Rabbi Shergill, Neeraj Shridhar ( Bombay Vikings), Pritam , Natalie Di Luccio ( 
Canadian Opera Soprano), Leslie Lewis, Vasuda Sharma, Hamsika Iyer, Shruti 
Pathak, and collaborating with the Youtubers based in Mumbai,  composing music 
for jingles, music albums and documentaries.

The music video was shot over two days at Andrew’s house terrace at Verna by 
using minimum lights. The scenes of the children were shot at places like the 
Margao wholesale fish market, Margao vegetable market, Holy Spirit Church, 
Grace Church Margao, Colva beach, Quepem mining area, slums at Birla, Verna 
industrial area, Margao Old Municipal Building and the Rivona hill cutting 
site. Andrew was part of the crew when they were scouting for locations and he 
was disappointed with the way Goa was getting destroyed. “ Goa is in need of 
good leaders and Goans are feeling let down by the system. People think they 
should join politics to make money but what future do they see for their 
children? I come to Goa especially to breathe in fresh air because the cities 
are getting polluted. I hope Goa doesn’t turn out to be the same,” says Andrew.

This was the first time that Andrew sang for a song and from being behind the 
recording booth, he faced the microphone, “ Usually I record people singing 
songs. This time, I sang and recorded the song in one take. Even I was 
surprised as most singers take 5 to 10 to 15 takes for one song. Maybe I had 
too much anger which was finally vented out through the song,” laughs Andrew.

He also received feedback from Goans in Goa and abroad who want to help Andrew 
with his next single. “ I have already started working on the next song and I 
received many calls from Goans who want to help me creatively by lending their 
Goan houses for shooting my songs,” concludes Andrew about the success of ‘ Mai 
Ge Dhobitalao’. Dolcy D’Cruz cafe@ herald- goa. com ‘ Mai Ge Dhobitalao’ is one 
of the most viral music videos in Goa right now with Goans and those with love 
for Goa sharing the video on their social networking sites. Conceptualised by 
Andrew Ferrao, the music video touches on various issues which are destroying 
Goa and with its rock beats, it is surely catching attention TWEETS @ DOLCRUZ 
PIC: VIRESH CHARI Creating a musical difference: Andrew Ferrao’s musical video 
‘ Mai Ge Dhobitalao’ is well received on social media


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