The sex card won't get you anywhere.

Sex does not matter in American elections. You may not be aware of Bill 
Clinton's sexcapades, but Hillary, as well as American public is fully aware of 
them - They voted Hillary's husband not just once - but twice - to the White 
House, even though, Americans knew of his sexually deviant ways. So it would be 
stupid on the part of Hillary to talk about women and sex.

The moral of Bill Clinton's political story is - if the public likes you, they 
will vote for you. The folks in the Battle Ground states know this fully well.

Like that famous song ... A little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of 
Hillary by my side, a little bit of Cigar in my mouth ... a little bit of semen 
on her dress ... (Have a Cuban Cigar and sing it to the tune of the Mambo 
Number 5 song). Sounds awesome, right?

Remember Brexit?

The losers lost bad. My side won! If my horse loses this one, at most, it would 
be one-all ... but I am hoping for two-oh.

On a serious note, I honestly think, this will be a very tight election. 
Whoever wins, will win it by a razor thin margin (one or two Battle Ground 
states). It will not be a land slide. Had Democrats put up Bernie Sanders 
instead of Hillary, Republicans would have ZERO chance of winning.


Jim Fernandes
Scarsdale, New York.
( Bernier Supporter for Trump )

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> May the best woman win :-))
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> Gabe Menezes.

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