On Oct 18, 2016, at 9:02 PM, Roland <roland.fran...@gmail.com> wrote:
"What I cannot understand is this: How can a retired DTC conductor have 
afforded a Honda City car as dowry, much less cancel the booking to buy a 

Dear Roland,
My early childhood in Poona provided me many valuable lessons esp wrt the 
horrible Indian Caste System and this nonsensical demand of Dowry by the 
groom's family. 

My early visual (commentary from my parents...overheard) was that of the 
Marwari money lender coming to the 'assistance' of the desperate parents of the 
bride for a "nominal" interest of 25% p.a. The hapless 'parents of the bride' 
remained indebted to the Money Lender for the rest of their lives ! .....unless 
someone got a cash generating govt. job or 'went to the Gulf'.

It is good that our family has not been touched with the scourge of either 
evil. May it stay thus in the future too.


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