> The idea of Goenchem Mati as propounded by Goa Foundation founder Dr.
Claude Alvares is well-intended and will result in a radical change not
only in the lives of everyone in Goa but will also guarantee that the
environment, the eco-system as well as the wild life and the flora will be
preserved for all Goans, when implemented in a professional manner. Goa
Foundation has for a long time, since its inception championed innumerable
causes dear to every Goan. From start to finish mining can be conducted in
such a manner that marginal damage is done to the environment in the short
term, while whatever little damage is done can later be restored. The fund
which will benefit every Goan will surpass hands-down the concept of Griha
Aadhar and Laadli Laxmi which are the pet doles of the BJP government, but
which intention it might not have been to supplant and will benefit and
enrich every Goan as long as extractable iron and manganese ore is
available in Goa. Also the concept of Goenchem Mati will rid corruption and
will be the harbinger of transparent practices as far as usage for benefit
of Goans of its natural resources is concerned. Though thought out to be
difficult to implement, nonetheless it is practicably pragmatic and will be
hailed by every Goan irrepective of caste or creed and is a well-thought
out win-win situation for the people of Goa. A splendid idea that can be a
feather in the cap of an NGO that always had the well-being of Goa and
Goans at heart. The Goan mother earth is the common wealth of every Goan.

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