Goa IT Professionals (GITP) appeals to all Goan schools and colleges to
actively participate in the upcoming *Computer Science Education Week*
during December 5-11 (i.e. next week) to help their students understand how
computer science is touching every sphere of human activity today and the
ease with which they can equip themselves to benefit from it. GITP through
its Project GEIT (Goans Empowered with Information Technology) initiative
has already circulated details to more than 180 email contacts of Goan
schools about the free online “Hour of Code” activities of USA’s code.org
especially planned for next week through which students can self-introduce
themselves to the exciting world of creative computer programming with
simple online fun exercises based on popular cartoons and animated movies.
Millions of children worldwide have taken to the productive use of
computers and internet as a direct result of code.org and similar
institutions’ work over the past few years. See our email below for details.

GITP understands that the current dismal plight of Goan school Computer
Labs and broadband connectivity will likely impede participation of many
schools and students in the Computer Science Education Week activities. We
continue our efforts to enable and pressurize the state government to
address this serious infrastructure matter but are disappointed by its
progress so far. Nevertheless, it would go a long way if the school
managements atleast create awareness among their students about free online
learning resources like code.org, Khan Academy and others which the
students could then explore from their homes and their parents’ smartphones
instead of wasting time on just games, videos and other distractions
available on the internet.



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Dear all,

One last reminder from our side regarding the *free online Computer Science
Education Week activities *happening next week as per our earlier email

Kindly do not lose this opportunity and should you need any guidance then
please drop an email to our Helpdesk team at projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com.

Thanks & regards,
*Project GEIT (Goans Empowered with IT)* - a Goa IT Professionals (GITP)
group initiative
*Email:* projectg...@gmail.com, projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com
*Facebook*: www.facebook.com/GoansEmpoweredWithIT
*YouTube:* http://goo.gl/ezWXbn
*Project GEIT @ Tech Balcao series on Prudent TV: *25April2016 (
https://youtu.be/Ksn4XB4StlM), 18July2016 (https://youtu.be/zP3ayfjGrxs)
*Contacts: *Eruch Coutinho +919823120406 / Sangeeta Naik +918805162600
/ Vincent
Toscano +919765410020

On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 12:55 AM, ProjectGEIT GITP <projectg...@gmail.com>

> Good morning!
> A gentle reminder to all Goan school leaders...please do not miss this
> opportunity to provide a global technological exposure to your students for
> free next week. Follow the instructions in our below email and contact our
> GEIT Helpdesk team marked in Cc on this mail for further guidance should
> you need any.
> All the best!
> Thanks & regards,
> *Project GEIT (Goans Empowered with IT)* - a Goa IT Professionals (GITP)
> group initiative
> *Email:* projectg...@gmail.com, projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com
> <projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com>
> *Facebook*: www.facebook.com/GoansEmpoweredWithIT
> *YouTube:* http://goo.gl/ezWXbn
> *Project GEIT @ Tech Balcao series on Prudent TV: *25April2016 (
> https://youtu.be/Ksn4XB4StlM), 18July2016 (https://youtu.be/zP3ayfjGrxs)
> *Contacts: *Eruch Coutinho +919823120406 / Sangeeta Naik +918805162600 / 
> Vincent
> Toscano +919765410020
> On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 10:31 AM, <projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear School Leaders,
>> Greetings from the Project GEIT team!
>> It’s a week since our *TechSparkle2016* camp concluded and our team is
>> just coming out of that wonderful experience of introducing 200+ kids
>> across Goa to the amazing world of Information Technology. 90+ kids
>> attended it in North Goa at the Central Library (Patto) and 110+ kids
>> attended in South Goa at the District Library (Navelim). We are extremely
>> grateful to those among you who encouraged and sent your children for this
>> camp. All details of this camp will soon be available on our Facebook page
>> for your reference.
>> Some of you might be aware that the global *Computer Science Education
>> Week* is coming up shortly i.e. 5-11 December. Its objective is to
>> introduce children to the magical world of computers beyond our current
>> clerical Microsoft Office-centric curriculum. An USA-based institution, 
>> *code.org
>> <http://code.org>*, has been spearheading this movement for past many
>> years through their *Hour of Code* initiative wherein children can
>> easily self-learn online about computer programming and more importantly
>> the logical thinking process that goes into controlling a computer. All
>> this is done using games, cartoons and movie characters that children are
>> already familiar with. More details on this initiative can be found in
>> postscript below and *code.org* <https://code.org/> website.
>> Last year Project GEIT organized Hour of Code in its 3 pilot schools i.e.
>> Gokuldem, Neura and Chorao. And we would be happy to guide and support your
>> school this year with it. *So register your school here
>> <https://hourofcode.com/us#join> at the earliest, check how many computers
>> are working in your Computer Lab, also if your broadband connection is
>> working and let us know any help you need to ensure your school’s
>> participation in this global event.*
>> With or without Project GEIT, the onus clearly lies on your shoulder to
>> ensure that the budding generations presently in your school’s care are
>> prepared to flourish in a technological era that is already upon us. Let us
>> together ensure that none of us fail in this important duty. All the best!
>> Regards,
>> *Project GEIT (Goans Empowered with IT)* - a Goa IT Professionals
>> (GITP) group initiative
>> *Email:* projectg...@gmail.com, projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com
>> <projectgeit.helpd...@gmail.com>
>> *Facebook*: www.facebook.com/GoansEmpoweredWithIT
>> *YouTube:* http://goo.gl/ezWXbn
>> *Project GEIT @ Tech Balcao: *25April2016 (https://youtu.be/Ksn4XB4StlM),
>> 18July2016 (https://youtu.be/zP3ayfjGrxs)
>> *Contacts: *Eruch Coutinho +919823120406 / Sangeeta Naik +918805162600
>> / Vincent Toscano +919765410020
>> Thanks to educators like you, computer science is experiencing record
>> growth in schools
>> <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTE5Mg==>. The entire
>> education community has rallied behind this new subject, and 2016-17 will
>> be the biggest school year for computer science, ever.
>> *New Code Studio features for your classroom, thanks to your feedback.*
>> Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for educators like you to give
>> *every* student the opportunity to learn computer science. That’s why we
>> want to share these tools for you and your classroom.
>> *For any classroom*
>> · Encourage *pair programming* in your classroom! We improved the way
>> Code Studio tracks student progress, even if 2 students use the same
>> computer! Check it out
>> <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTE5NA==> and let us
>> know how it’s working in your classroom.
>> · Keep your CS Fundamentals class on track with "Stage Extras"
>> <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTE5NQ==>, so no one
>> gets too far ahead or too behind.
>> *For middle and high school classrooms*
>> · *App Lab*, our online programming environment, is a powerful tool for
>> middle and high school students to create and share *real working apps*.
>> If you teach middle or high school and are new to App Lab, start learning
>> <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTE5Ng==>—and tell
>> other teachers, too! If you’re already using App Lab, check out all our 
>> feature
>> updates <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTE5Nw==>.
>> · *The best interactive tools* from our CS Principles course are now
>> available as stand-alone tools
>> <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTE5OA==> to teach
>> computer science concepts such as encryption or compression in any middle
>> or high school classroom.
>> *Last but not least: Hour of Code 2016 is coming! Sign up your classroom.*
>> Join the biggest learning event in history this *CS Education
>> Week, December 5-11*. Last year, 200,000 educators hosted an Hour of
>> Code event—and together we reached over 180 countries.
>> Sign up early <https://code.org/l/mJhqAjMKDZH_SSPNDptg8w==/MjA0OTIwMA==> to
>> help us reach *every student* this year.
>> On a personal note, thank you for all you do to give our children the
>> opportunity to build their future. The computer science education movement
>> is one of the best stories in the world today. It's unfolding right before
>> our eyes, and it's thanks to you, the heroes of the movement. Your
>> support and the work you do every day in classrooms inspires all of us.
>> *Minecraft @ Hour of Code *
>> If you did the Hour of Code last year with your class, you might have
>> used our Minecraft tutorial. Since launching, it’s been used over 31
>> million times by students—thank you for making this fun and exciting
>> introduction to computer science so popular! For 2016, Code.org,
>> Microsoft and Mojang are announcing the all-new *Minecraft Hour of Code
>> Designer <https://code.org/l/01FSntTfcHquDOfD-CUDoA==/MjE5NzI0Mw==>*, a
>> tutorial that lets students code their own Minecraft rules. This year,
>> students can use code to control how animals and other Minecraft creatures
>> behave—they can create a totally unique Minecraft experience, and then
>> share it with friends or play it on their phones!
>> The new tutorial begins in a Minecraft world where sheep don't move, the
>> chickens don't cluck, and nothing attacks: it’s a blank slate without
>> movement or defined action. Over the course of an hour, students will bring
>> this world to life using computer science. At the final level, they get to
>> define the rules of Minecraft however they wish. If they want, the cows can
>> lay eggs, sheep can explode, and zombies can run away from players! If
>> you used last year’s Minecraft activity, the new one provides a perfect way
>> to expand your students’ knowledge of computer science. For new teachers,
>> we are pleased to offer both tutorials, which require *no experience* to
>> teach.
>> We’re thrilled to add *Minecraft Hour of Code Designer
>> <https://code.org/l/01FSntTfcHquDOfD-CUDoA==/MjE5NzI0Mw==>* to our list
>> of activities for this year’s Hour of Code. If you haven’t checked out the
>> expanded list yet, there are tons of new activities that you can filter on
>> our site based on grade level, experience level, subject area, and more.
>> Find the perfect activity for your class at https://code.org/learn
>> <https://code.org/l/01FSntTfcHquDOfD-CUDoA==/MTc3NA==>.
>> *Computer Science Education Week (December 5-11, 2016) is almost
>> here! Sign up your Hour of Code event here
>> <https://code.org/l/01FSntTfcHquDOfD-CUDoA==/MjEwMzk4MQ==> if you haven't
>> yet and get ready to do the new Minecraft tutorial with your class!*
>> Hadi Partovi,
>> Code.org
>> ------------------------------
>> Code.org is a 501c3 non-profit located at 1501 Fourth Avenue, Suite 900,
>> Seattle, WA, 98101. You’re receiving this email because you hosted an Hour
>> of Code <https://code.org/l/01FSntTfcHquDOfD-CUDoA==/MjgxMQ==> in a
>> previous year or signed one of our petitions.
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