Bostu & Fostu were very thick friends from their childhood.

One fine day:-

Bostu: Fostu, today let me check, how intelligent you are.

Fostu: No problem, what you want to know?

Bostu: Can you tell me, what’s there in my basket?

Fostu: What I will get if I guess right?

Bostu: I will give you the eggs in it.

Fostu: (Thinking) Hmmmmmm.......

Bostu: And since you are my good friend, if you tell me how many eggs are 
there, then I will give you all the eight eggs.

Fostu: (Thinking again) Hmmmmmmm......

Bostu: And if you tell me which birds eggs are these,

then the hen is also yours!

Fostu: (After thinking very deeply) Give me some clues my friend!!

Cajetan de Sanvordem


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