Whenever no confidence vote  is called for, it is usual to huddle the
legislators into the comforts of 5 star hotels. Why the legislators are
more than willing to be deprived of their freedom momentarily with no
communication with the outside world including their families; The reasons
are pretty obvious, Those that will settle without ministerial berths will
be rewarded with stacks of money. Others will be assured of chairmanship of
some corporation and promised re election to assembly for their display of
loyalty under trying circumstances., Besides everyone has wonderful time
everything found free of costs. The resort in Tamil Nadu had only one
outlet. Even then one made the desperate exit in disguise to inform the
world at large that they were drugged into silence, If they swear their
allegiance to any factions, then these experienced, knowledgeable
individuals need not be confined to in accessible places. They are subject
to better allurement, poaching, intimidation and hence ensconced in
isolated hotels. They are normally taken straight to vote. It was argued
that there were tugs keeping a strict vigil on their activities .The
families have not complained against their confinement and the H.C on
orders assured directly about any forceful detention. This is an
opportunity to what may be termed as unofficial horse trading of another
kind Besides monetary benefits the legislators want to ensure completion of
their term in office, rather than be subjected to another uncertain
election results It is understood that they maintain complete silence with
the outside world including their loved ones in this age of electronic
communications All these circumstances compel them to be together to
further their common interest and are richly rewarded for their sacrifice

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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