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Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 03:58:25 +0000 (UTC)
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Subject: [Goanet] Stephen Fry on Donald Trump
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Tax loopholes are there to be exploited. Tax consultants especially for
business owners are there for a purpose. Even quick tax software gives few
suggestions, even if one’s income is only cpp and oas. Trump owns his
private plane and no harm if Kushner induces rich Chinese to bring in more
money into the country. Wall is for illegals, drug smuggling, enter
legally, no problem, I guess.

Heard many entered Canada, a Crown Colony with British PP when Idi Amin


Eariler post:
Trump is not a confident man, he is a confidence man.

He has a healthy phobia for those who work for the Dept of Justice - as he
fears the FBI, loathes judges, rubs orange juice on his face and has robbed
banks using Chapter 11.
It now looks like the show piece of the Republican campaign - the Trump
Wall - is going to be built by Trumps son-in-law and wealthy Chinese
communist party officials who are being offered US resident status to
finance a build, operate and transfer wall project. The wall will end up as
the altar symbol of keeping the workers out and the communist rich in.
Then there is the real power broker - Putin - who wants to gift the US
Congress information that Trump gave him but which Trump refuses to give
the US Congress.

Welcome to the new USA!

Mervyn?PS. Apart from Putin, I too am enjoying every day of Trumps

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