I am surprised at the Goa police claiming success in solving the desecration/ 
vandalism by nabbing a well known pshyco and unstable individual who reportedly 
has been found with implements like coita and hammer. He also claims to have 
enough money to pay for all the damages. No one checks if this is true and if 
so, how he earned all that money! It amazes me that the police congratulates 
themselves on solving the case, and politicians who reportedly interfere/ 
interrogate the accused want to monerarily reward the police and close the 
case. All this based on the alleged culprits confession? Luckily we have an 
intelligent Home Minister who lauds the breakthrough but !does not rule out 
possibility of others involved. The extensive damage to graves, crosses and 
niches one after another the last few days does not appear to be the work of 
one man. Experienced criminal lawyers and many unbiased people are of the same 
opinion. He is not a taxi driver as reported and strongly denied by the taxi 
union. Neither is he an AAP worker just because he sympathizes with them? Let 
us not politicize or communalize the issue and the police not jump to 
conclusions so fast but do a  thorough professional investigation so all 
involved and the kingpins if any maybe brought to book? We must put a full stop 
to this sort of thing hapenning in Goa resolutely and firmly nip it in the bud! 
John Eric Gomes
(Tel 2417837)

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