Dear Venantius,

I do agree that the immense wealth of Indian philosophy and traditions
cannot ever be ceded to any sect, even if the majority. Everything
belongs to all of us, and we are equally tasked with defending against
misuse or manipulation.

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On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 12:49 PM, Venantius J Pinto
<> wrote:
> All, writers and particularly those of christian
> persuasion/faculty/awareness (not hard to understand) should keep hammering
> at the flawed displays of tattva; Neti Neti; Tat Tvam Asi; misconstruing
> Vedanta; Vedas, and Sattva. I believe it is worth taking flawed
> sensibilities to task (by ball busting).
> Bop, the Christians too (first).
> Also, look into proverbs in Marathi and in Konkani.
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> —Venantius  J Pinto

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