That is my designation , nomenclature and  title remembering and recalling
the contributions, achievements of some notable villagers from my humble,
personal perception. I have no other particular or personal reasons, but
elation as being our path breakers. They have left memorable and indelible
foot prints for us to thread, emulate reminding us also  to do our best
too. And which are documented and recorded by me. There are  many unsung
heroes waiting to be resurrected ,whereas some have  already occupied pre
eminent publicity, documentation they deserved due to their influence and
position in our society. As many sometime  ask politely what about
forgotten others ?, to them I wish to  say you can do your bit and now The
following are remembered due to my efforts and personal knowledge and
findings Some of them have appeared in print media too.

Prof C. A Gomes, Prof. Nazarino Rodrigues, Prof, Leboino Mendes, Prof.
Octaviano D Costa,  Prof Fr Manoel Floriano Gomes ,Prof Antonio F J Lopes ,
Prof.Domingos Arsenio Piedade de Mello,  Prof Sebastiao Eufemio  Furtado
,Dr Olivio Mascarenhas. Dr Antonino Barros Dias, Dr Leao Da Costa,  Fr
 Presentacao Furtado, Fr Jorge Pazzi Fernandes, Fr. Romeo Monteiro, Rev Fr
Trindade Monteiro,  Fr Armando D Souza, Fr Fillipe Neri Ferrao, Fr Alfredo
Monteiro, Fr Kiliano Lopes. Fr Oscar de Melo Furtado

Eng Gabriel Santao Rodrigues, Eng Filipe Nery Rodrigues, Adv Leo Velho, Mr
Sarto Furtado, Maestro Carlos Rodrigues ,Mr. John Dias, Sr. Etiene, Dr V.
S. Mascarenhas, Mr Cypriano Lopes,Ms Ivana Maria Furtado, Mr Aranaha
Coutinho, Mr Alberto Cota,, Mr Amaldo Fernades, Mr  Rumaldo X Cunha, Mrs
Felicia Maria Pereira, Mr Maclean Lopes, Mr  Catao (foot ball player) Mr
Jose Carvalho. Joseph Peter /Ulyses D Souza, A little freedom Fighter

Besides lists of Doctors of Chinchinim Village, Headmasters of Chinchinim
Village, Football players of Chinchinim Village, Tiatrist, Singers, Khell
performers, Konkani Mando Composers of Chinchinim Village

Many more need to be remembered, the list is endless, and task is great ,
but someone will do and  definitely come forward perhaps

Nelson Lopes, Chinchinim

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