>>young left-wing pro-independence youths vandalised cash machines, shops and businesses<<

One political party wants to separate because they believe their culture is worth preserving. Once they separate they will be super gung-ho for international tourism. Come see our culture ... They'll need the attention and foreign spending.

Somewhat hypocritical, and living in the past. The area enjoys a great degree of self-government and anatomy. That's a win-win.

Of and interesting note Catholic Goans owe much to the Basque as both Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier, were Basques...If they did not arrive there would be no Goa as we know it.

And just maybe Goans have inherited, for good or bad, some of the famous Basque stubbornness...

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'Your holiday is our misery': Holidaymakers face disruption from protests planned by Basque separatists

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