CM blessed or doomed?

How can you believe devoutly in only in one aspect of blessings at the time
of elections ?  In normal times , when not in any need you do not visit any
churches demonstarting that you believe in the faith.. Blessings are only
for true believers not for heretics. There  is a sizable Catholic
population in the Constituency of Panjim Assembly section , which will not
be fooled by this gimmick in particular.. Taking blessings in a planned
photo ops in full public glare is downright planned publicity with avowed
purpose and deceit. which is not lost on any faithfuls. The sincerity would
be judged, if this act was done in quiet and silence ..The hard core RSS
philosophy and ethics to which he is wedded deeply will not be changed by
a  mere eye wash for a moment or a day.. Well it is sure the  chameleon
tactic to woe the voters, as the votary of a particular religion to which
he is not closer even by an inch. A better option is to prove secular
credentials would be to embrace the faith.. It is a well known fact that
the minority population of Goa is being discriminated in promotions,
employment, sanctions of establishing educational  institutes,
developmental  work  represented by MLA`s  of  minority communities et al.
Let the facts and figures be published to  prove it is otherwise. Just a
visit to a place of worship on a feast,,  being a guest of a minority MLA
at  the feast celebrations. passive attendance at  ceremonies  being a mere
spectator cannot pull the wool over the  believers,for  being seen with
religious authority

Why a visit to Mosque has not been undertaken to complete the full circle ?
Is it because it will embarrass the RSS and draw their ire of needless
appeasements.   No prizes for guessing that the voters of Muslim community
in Panjim Assemble constituency  are inconsequential It is not shocking
that minority candidates too  on the eve of elections visit temples with
offerings and bow in reverence, which is totally un acceptable according to
the tenets of scared believe and faith. Will it a blessing or curse God
alone knows.. The religious  authorities who willingly oblige the
politicians for political purposes, need to seriously consider of fleeting
honour to be seen with those in power for future personal encashment
notwithstanding. Politicians in general are a shrewd breed to exploit
religious sentiments with the sole purpose of misleading the voters and
stooping to nay level in the process The CM is ill advised to seek publicly
blessings from a catholic church authority , when his credentials as a
leader who delivers are for all to see and judge He does not need a pinch
of reliious salt to flavour or add to the  taste

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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