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[Goanet] Tourism, elsewhere

'Your holiday is our misery': Holidaymakers face disruption from protests  
planned by Basque separatists
GL responds

As the claim states - these posters is by a "Separatist" group that want to 
disrupt the Spanish (tourist) economy to achieve their political goals of a 
separate country.
In most places the folks against tourism are those whose income (and that of 
their relatives)  is not directly or indirectly related to different aspects of 
OR these people (critics) cannot capitalize on a great readily available 
resource of exchange of ideas and people. 
For investors and government, Tourism is the best return on investment (ROI) in 
terms of income and creation of a whole variety of direct and indirect 
employment opportunities.
The real Goans' problem is not with tourism but with the corruption of the 
local politicians that Goans (themselves) keep electing to office ever election 
cycle.  Some Goans of course "want to have their cake and eat it too."
Regards, GL

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