A section of Press have estimated around 7000 stray cattles moving and
sitting on Goa roads  is definitely a incorrect figure. I wander who did
the survey all over Goa and why such wrong estimates is published. A
professional person specially from animal welfare group must be involved.
I have already done earlier a random survey in Panjim and surrounding areas
of Tiswadi  itself and found the everyday same figures does not match
whereas  in the peak season are much higher, this is in addition of cattles
and dogs say for example  at Caranzalem  and Dona Paula itself is 2360
stray animals in July and August which includes dogs and catle  , Taleigao
is 1380, St Cruz 1548 , Four Pillars and Portais, Mala , Batulem and
Fontainhas  about 1868, Ribandar, Old Goa  is 1705,  Merces and Bambolim ,
Curca which  includes GMC area   is 1539  and the Panjim was difficult to
measure the figure as the vehicular raffic keeps on disturbing them.
Therefore what  was reported today in the section of Press a figure of 7000
is surely incorrect and is merely a wrong figure was projected for the
whole of Goa ..
Rest of the days in off season is much less proportionately 5 times less.
By giving a misguided figure it looks bad when in reality is something
else. Therefore if somebody a professional person  does a thorough studies
at other parts of Goa the figure must be astonishing and probably may
exceed 8 to10 times above the figure of 7000 only only for the  cattle.

Stephen Dias
Dona Paula

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