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This is in regards to the report from daily newsletter appeared in Times of
India on 7th Aug 2017 on GST revision on SUV's , high end cars may rise
from 15% to 25 % I have to state my renewal of my car insurance from M/s
Bajaj Allianz Insurance Pvt Ltd is  due for renewal on 13th August 2017.
The GST charges has been fixed to total 18th% as per the insurance policy
reminder.  Now the Insurance Company has bifurcated its charges with equal
amount of 50% for the State and Central.
My question is who authorised this Insurance Co. to break up these charges?
Is there any instruction from the Government?
When the insurance Co. called me for payment I was told that the 18% GST
charges is fixed for my vehicle. If the range was between to 15 to 25% what
was the criteria estimating my vehicle to 18%  which needed to be known
earlier. We at the most may make payment for GST as per the requirement
from Goverment but the bifurcation of charges for 50% to state and central
cannot be accepted  as we not want to be a party to it.
We do not mind if there are more than one break up or bifurcations within
the total GST payment but it is for the Insurance to give justification.
The GST taxes has given us more headaches then relief.

Stephen Dias
Dona Paula

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