Here is a list of essential documents to understand nationalization of Goa's 

1. Short background note. click here

2. Expert Appraisal Committee minutes where 228 barges are mentioned behind 
nationalized Mandovi, Zuari and Cumbharjua canal dredging. Click here

3. Basic law - The Inland Waterways Authority of India Act 1985. Click here

4. Basic Law - The National Waterways Act 2016 by which Goa's rivers are 
declared as National Waterways. Click here

5. The damage that the State of India is doing by Nationalizing Goa's rivers is 
similar to what the State of New Zealand did to Maoris from 1840 onward.  Crown 
apologized after acknowledging the damage done. After fighting for 140 years 
New Zealand passed law - Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Act 
2017. Specially read up Part 3, Sections 69 to 70 on pages 44 to 49. Click here

6. Press Statement from "Our Rivers Our Rights". Click here

7. In 1961 India annexed Goa through conquest. The way Indian state plans 
savage attacks on Goa's attacks could even put Russians to shame. Time has come 
to question Russia for supporting Conquest of Goa by exercise of Veto power in 
security council. Click here.

8. Protection of rivers is a Fundamental duty of Every citizen of India under 
Article 51-A (g). Click here for copy of Constitution of India.  

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