Stalker is cornered at last

The  single, driving girl Varnaki Kundu was harassed and stalked over  a
large stretch  of road She was stopped at two points, when she tried to
reverse. The stalker came out tried to open the door and banged against the
door The police finally came to her rescue and arrested them .The accused
tried to apologize and  plead forgiveness for  their transgression. It is
believed that they  were reeking of alcohol.  Medical test was refused
though medical officer deposed about the alcohol smell.. Surpiringly the
serious section of kidnapping was not applied and accused released without
court direction. What was the determined intention of stalkers if not rape,
kidnapping, abductions?  God knows even murder?  Who can  vouche for their
motives of persistent, threatening with menancing following?  Stragely,the
accused were also served cold coffee at the police station .What was the
President of BJP unit in the state, the father of the stalkers doing at
3.30 a,m with 100 other functionaries of BJP at the police station , if not
trying to send a message and indirectly influencing the course of events ?.
Why the father of accused called her father  6 times, to send a veiled
threat? The FIR is not featuring the deposition of victim is very strange
and  contrary to the proedure. She had clearly stated in her deposition
that their intention to kidnap cannot be overruled.

Not subjecting to medical test of urine, blood, not that it matters about
the charges is significant aberration of procedure to be followed .The
police took the accused in police SUV now for medical test much later after
5  days. The serious charges were diluted and accused released swiftly. The
10 CTV footage suddenly disappeared. Now after public outcry the accused
are arrested after delay of 5 days and delayed medical test carried out
too. It is because of the status of her father she is receiving generous
attention, otherwise the case would have been closed like others. There
is    also an attempt in the social media at character assassination to
show her in poor light as loose character in company with male  companions
The statement as what she was doing at odd hours are accentuating the
motives The safety and protection of women in the country is totally at a
discount. The final act against the so of BJP state President is watched
with interests, It is rumored that this not the first case of involvement
of accused Vikas Barala. Whether it will be treated in isolation only time
will tell The BJP is of the opinion that the President is not responsible
for acts of his son and has said that law must take its course, but his
actions as the father and those of the police speak otherwise.

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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