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Contemporary Dance-Movement Club and Ballet Classes
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We are Gautam and Pushpanjali. We were featured in your newspaper in May
2016 for our one week 'Movement Installation' work at Goa Chitra museum.  We
thank you for that wonderful coverage.

We are now offering weekly Contemporary Dance-Movement Classes at Chowgule
College for the students of Chowgule as well as the general public . We
have begun our classes a few weeks ago.

Our intention through these classes at Chowgule is to make dance accessible
to all, regardless of their age or experience. We are creating a space for
Dance and Movement Exploration in our Education systems and our daily lives
as well. We are committed to finding different ways to create a dialogue
between Dance and various academic subjects and cultivate a practice where
we learn how Dance-Movement Exploration can add to our understanding of
ourselves and our choices (whether it be career or personal).

Dance to us is a language that exists beyond the realm of just
entertainment and competition. We use it as a way to transform our personal
stories and in turn affect a transformative change in our society.

We are also teaching Ballet classes for children at Club Harmonia for age
group 4 to 12 in two separate classes.

We would love to share more about this initiative and our philosophy on
Dance with you if you are interested in covering it.

Please contact us on  8954619805

We would really like to get the word out so that people can benefit from
this opportunity. If you could please advertise our event, it would help us
a lot.

Thank you.

Please find attached the following:
1) Posters - "Chowgule College's Contemporary Dance-Movement Club"

2) Official Press Note

3) Photos

*Note for the Event section in the paper:*

1)Internationally Trained Dance Artists  Gautam Nima and Pushpanjali
Sharma teaching "Contemporary Dance-Movement" at Chowgule College, Tiger
Studios, Margao.

Come celebrate yourself-find your dance.


Wednesdays & Fridays - 4pm to 6pm

Registration contact number 8954619805 (teacher) / 8308794850
<(830)%20879-4850> (Chowgule Office)

2)Internationally Trained Dance Artists  Gautam Nima and Pushpanjali
Sharma teaching "Ballet for Children" at Club Harmonia, Margao.


Mondays & Tuesdays

4:15pm to 5:15pm for Kids of age 8 to 12 years

5:30pm to 6:30pm for Kids of age 4 to 7 years

Registration contact number 8954619805 (Teacher)

Thank you for your help in advance. We would appreciate your help in being
featured in whatever way you can enable for us. We would be happy to
provide any further information regarding the same.

Warm Regards,

Gautam and Pushpanjali

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