Premnath & Rajnath were business partners, they both had Sardarjis as their 
personnel drivers. One fine day, they were having an friendly argument about 
whose driver is more stupid and fool. So Premnath called his driver:-

Premnath: Oye Utpal Singh.
 Utpal Singh: Ji Sir-ji.
 Premnath: Take this 100 rupees, go to the Showroom and buy a Mercedes Benz car 
for me.

Utpal Singh: Ok-ji, I will go right now.

Premnath: See how stupid-fool he is, he went to buy a Mercedes for only 
 Rajnath: But still I say my driver is more stupid-fool.

Rajnath called his driver Jaspal Singh:

Rajnath: Jaspal Singh, Go home and check if I am there.
 Jaspal Singh: Ok sure-ji, I will check and come.

Rajnath: See my driver is more stupid-fool. He can't even realize that how can 
I be at home, if I am here.

Utpal Singh and Jaspal Singh met on their way:

Utpal Singh: My boss is so stupid, he gave me Rs.100/= to buy a Mercedes car, 
he does not even know that today is Sunday and all showrooms are closed.

Jaspal Singh : My boss is even more stupid, He sent me to check if he is at 
home, but he has a cell phone, he could have called home and check if he is 

Cajetan de Sanvordem

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