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> On Monday this week, the eminent author (and part-time Goa
> resident) Amitav Ghosh tweeted an alarming video file of a flaming
> palm, writing, "I am told it is so hot in Kuwait that trees are
> spontaneously combusting." Just last month, that desert country
> registered the "hottest temperature ever recorded on earth", an
> astonishing 54 degrees Celsius.
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According to

* The highest temperature on record, according to the World Meteorological
Organization, was 56.7°C (134°F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek,
* The highest temperature in Kuwait, 54°C, was recorded in Mitrabah in July
* The weather in Kuwait hovered around 50°C during July 2017
* This video was actually shot in Madinah, Saudi Arabia and shows a palm
tree that was struck by lightning.

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