In Hindu Rashtra, anything goes.Turning history on its head, the Sanskrit 
textbook for class VIII distributed in several CBSE-affiliated schools in 
Madhya Pradesh says that India won the 1962 war against China, The Times of 
India reported today.The passage appears in the Sanskrit textbook "Sukritika 
Volume-3" in chapter eight, which is about the achievements of the country's 
first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru."What famously came to be known as 
Sino-India war of 1962 was won by India against China," the book says according 
to the report. "During Jawaharlal Nehru's tenure as Prime Minister, China waged 
war against India in the year 1962. With efforts of Nehru, India defeated 
China."The 1962 India-China war, which began on 20 October 1962, ended a month 
later on 21 November after China declared a ceasefire. It has gone down in 
history as a decisive victory for China.The error in the Sanskrit textbook has 
come to light at a time when India and China are locked in one of the deadliest 
standoffs in decades at the Doklam plateau. In the midst of rising tensions, 
the Chinese media has published editorials reminding India of its defeat in 
1962, with Defence Minister Arun Jaitley retorting that India had "learnt a 
lesson" from the war and the Indian armed forces are "fully capable" today.Read 
Sanskrit Textbook In Madhya Pradesh Says That India Beat China In The 1962 War: 

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