Local V/S National news papers

There are National dailies that devote largely to National  and
International coverage for the readers, The readers subscribing these
dailies want a broader outlook and lesser dose of local occurrences. But
the local dailies are expected to cover mostly local happenings,
Unfortunately the so called local papers have smattering news coverage of
events at hand and expose   large   space to National and International
news. Hence the difference between local and National dailies is blurred.
The subscribers are forced on what they are not expecting to be informed
about, Hence the local news papers should meet the expectations of
subscribers rather than taking them for granted .. Some local editions are
appearing as National dailies in their layout and content .It is
unfortunate that front page  is plastered with advertisement, which
normally used to conveyed important headlines. The gory details of crimes,
receive undue prominence and affect readers sensitivities. The
advertisement coverage to sustain  the costs is cutting on news and hence
readers are also subscribing indirectly towards advertisement  revenue The
advertisement section should be separated from news sections The reporting
of local content is really at a discount for subscribers of local dailies.
This pattern of coverage is a recent innovation much to the disappointment
of subscribers It is heartening that at least one popular  english daily is
considering this aspect most seriously and hence its popularity however
selective it may be, but it is still a readers choice

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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