Devika Sequeira:
[Goanet] After Fighting Against Goa's Casinos, Parrikar Gives Them What They 
Want   The floating casinos are expected to be relocated to Mopa and will help 
BJP sell its controversial new airport project.

Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar recently made an announcement in the 
state's legislative assembly: all offshore casinos would have to shift to 
land-based operations within three years if they wanted to continue doing 
business in Goa. The decision, long expected despite the stock denials, is what 
the big players in the casino industry had been betting on all along, and it 
exposes the BJP's doublespeak on the gambling business in Goa.

There are currently six offshore and ten land-based casinos in play here, but 
live gaming (with dealers opposed to slot machines), where the stakes can go 
really high, is permitted only on the floating casinos, which makes the 
transfer and renewal of their licences such a lucrative business.

GL responds:
Politicians love casinos.  They love casinos for the same reasons that 
politicians love sale of alcohol and cigarettes.   These sales bring in tax 
revenues and at the same time satisfies the local population and the visitors.  
These sales also directly and directly create jobs and helps employment.  So  
like alcohol and cigarettes, casinos are here to stay.

So Goans ought to stop displaying their 21st century naivete.  Throughout he 
world, every year the cost of government services go up for labor cost and 
capital cost.   This is called inflation.  Yet the local population hates to be 
taxed and will vote out of office politicians and parties that want to increase 
For any Goan or (smooth talking) politician or padre who is against a casino, 
ask them:  How will they make-up for lost govt revenue.(aka taxes?  Of course 
the fact that Goans re-elect every year corrupt politicians (at all levels) 
does not help the economics.  The only way to address the corruption is to 
throw the b*ms out of office.   One cannot starve the beast (government). RUN  
THE  CASINOS  LIKE  AN EFFICIENT  BUSINESS, which also has some downside but 
manageable risk.  The whole world is full of casions.
Regards, GL

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