Financial fraud as posted by Iris Gomes is one of the major problems faced by 
seniors who are more vulnerable to scams than other segments of the population. 
However financial scams also target the ignorant and greedy, not just seniors.

Seniors have a bigger problem in what is known here as Elder Abuse. These are 
situations where their own relatives and caretakers, abuse them physically 
through beatings, denials and open shaming with the aim of getting their money 
or making them sign documents to transfer homes, property and other assets 
while they are still living. Once that is done, they are left to wither away in 
institutionalized care with very rare visits from people they once thought they 
could depend on, but now cannot, having nothing to offer them any more.

A very sorry condition for anyone to be in. But to the credit of Indian 
authorities, they are always warning seniors never to sign any asset transfer 
papers, specially those of homes or flats even to their own children while they 
are alive, except for wills that will be triggered only upon death.

Financial and elder abuse are common everywhere.

Roland Francis

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