One BK Ayyangar, approached the ASI through an RTIapplication saying that the 
Taj Mahal was really "TejoMahalaya", built by the Hindus and gifted to Mughal 
Emperor Shah Jahan by RajputKing Maan Singh.

Claiming to be a historian, one PN Oak said he had written a book"Taj Mahal: 
The True Story", arguing that Taj Mahal was originally aShiva temple gifted to 
Shah Jahan.

Oak had approached the Supreme Court in 2000 on his thesis but the SupremeCourt 
dismissed the case, accusing him for having 'a bee in his bonnet' aboutthe Taj 

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has directed theUnion culture ministry 
to clarify the status of  the Taj Mahal .
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Clarify whether Taj Mahal is mausoleumor temple: CIC to govt

The Hindus (especiallythe BJP/RSS type) have long been feeling inadequate & 
inferior over their insignificantrole in history and have decided to do 
something about it.
 In particular, the Second Millennium sawassorted invaders enter Hindustan 
starting with Mahmud of Ghazni in c 1000 CEand ending with Brexit in 1947. 

The Hindu elites have been smarting at theirfailure to confront and overthrow 
the invaders. As a result, the Hindutva elites(mostly the upper castes) are 
trying hard to make India a global power by aneconomic and military route but 
at the cost of the health and wellbeing of thepoorer people.

The Hindutvalas also have a project of revenge against the Muslims for 
theircenturies of control of Hindustan. In 2002, some 2000 were massacred in 
Gujarat(with Modi as CM) and more recently Muslims are being lynched on flimsy 
proteststo do with cows and beef (Modi is PM). [Mind you, there is no similar 
vengeful programme against the British.The Hindu elites are grateful to the 
British for creating the Indian state& all its institutions. ]

The Hindutvalashave next sought to falsify history:
- they go back to ancient (Vedic) times when dates and data are uncertain 
andclaim glorious accomplishments such as implanting animal organs onto humans 
(asin the case of god Ganesh) and achieving interplanetary travel.
- they distort more recent historical incidents or simply fabricating events.

- the Taj Mahal was really a Rajput monument gifted to the Moghuls
- India won the 1962 War by defeating the Chinese.

In HinduRashtra, anything goes –ethics, tolerance or historical truth can be 
dispensed with.



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