Gorakpur massacre of innocent

63 children died in 2 days for lack of Oxygen. Why District Magistrate
files FIR and sacks the Principaland Why oxygen cylinder supplier is
absconding? Who will be made a scape goat in this incident  trying to dodge
accountability and responsibility.? There was alarm that liquid oxygen was
low, so also cylinders and hand pumps woefully inadequate for numbers
required. Why no action was taken in time.? Why were there no transfers of
patients well in advance instead of running helter skelter at the last
moment in vain  causing deaths in the intervening  period? The suppliers
had sent multiple notices to hospital, emails, personal contacts since
February  July and Nov.16,. to  Director General of Health Secretary ,
Principal Secretary and District  Magistrate. They were also warned that
discontinuation of Oxygen can  critically  endanger  life support. Still no
one replied to the notices, Hence they are responsible for criminal
negligence and culpable homicide after knowing the consequences of their
silence.  67 lakhs pending bill had no provision or bribes were demanded by
corrupt as usual?  The Govt is now trying to confuse the issue that 2 crores
are transferred electronically  on 5 August and hence no cause for
concern.The DM accompanying the CM 3 days earlier was not even briefed  of
this situation on hand.The efforts are on to find an alibi, sordid
collective cover up by the very persons who are culpable. If it is not
oxygen then there is a bigger questions and which is  much more  alarming
and damaging. UP minister is ill qualified to deny the cause of death
without autopsy and medical report or  inventory of available oxygen.
Instead  larger statistics during previous regime are  being branded about
as worst in this Principal Govt hospital. It is believed that Easter UP in
Gorakpur area is endemic with JE and no vaccines are available to control
it as a preventive measure It is an yearly recurring situations that is
taken for granted, exxcept there is public awareness of tragedy thius year.
There is also the problem of fake and adulterated medicines. C.M Yogi
Yadinath has represented this constituency for 20 years and for the first
time this year  the health budget is slashed  by 3 times . Mathematics of
death is discussed to rationalize massacre of kids. There must be
epidemiological survey why preventive measures are in effective,,
infrastructure, supply, skill labour,and vaccines. An inquiry panel led by
 retired High Court Judges assisted by medical experts form far and beyond
can  bring out the unbiased truth ,so that such incidents will be avoided
.Death due to asphyxia is due to lack of oxygen, even when the very young
patients were admitted in severe terminal illness .Why are there children
still  alive in the hospital not dead due to lack of oxygen is adding salts
to wounds. The people patronizing Govt.  health services from poor strata
of the society, who  have no voice that counts Hence such deaths are
reduced to statistics and number being called as tragedy and unacceptable
How can the parents be consoled or compensated?.
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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