Panjim Bye Election Will Decide the Future of Indian Democracy

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the fortnightly pastoral
bulletin of the Archdiocese of
Goa and Daman, in Vol. LV, No
16, of August 16-31, 2017. Its
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Dr FE Noronha

The issue in India today is no longer Corruption. Not even
Secularism. It is Freedom, pure and simple.

There are rare occasions when a single by-election can have
ntionwide repercussion: such is the one on 23rd August 2017.
If the present Goa Government formed by dubious methods goes,
it will be a watershed in the downslide of our country's
democracy. It is the moral responsibility of Panjimites to
stem the tidy.

          Different elections call for different attitudes.
          There are times when we have to look at the
          candidates, their character and capacity; there are
          times when we have to look at the parties; there
          are times when we have to look at the development
          of the constitutency; and there are times indeed
          when people merely look at their immediate issues
          like local leaders who tell us for whom to vote and
          worse still when petty social considerations prompt
          the voting. But there are rare occasions -- and
          23rd August is one -- when the future of a State
          and the whole nation depends on a single election.

In 2012, everyone thought in terms of having a
corruption-free Goa; this thinking continued till 2014 but
from then and increasingly everyday what we are witnessing
in India is nothing but a constitutional holocaust.

Corruption is very bad, communalism is worse, but Nazism is
worse than both. Anybody who reads William Shirer's *The Rise
and Fall of the Third Reich* or Allan Bullocks *A Study in
Tyranny* or Hitler's own *Mein Kampf* will find an
extraordinary identity between the growth and rampage of
Nazism in Germany in 1933 onwards and India in 2014 onwards.

You talk or take a stand against the Government and you have
the Income Tax, CBI, ACB, ED knocking on your door at
midnight. You are also likely to have a big mob of people
claiming to be honest patriots and tender lovers of animals
and knives and sticks in their hands. TV anchors disappear
from the screens. TV owners themselves or very vocal
political opponents are found to be corrupt and events are
dug out which took place 10 or 20 years back. Editors are

On the other hand, lest anybody things that the other side is
honest: no, of course it is not. But nobody touches them. A
person is lynched and the case if filed against the surviving
family members not against the murderers. The extent of abuse
and oppression is matter for full books. Strangely,
documentaries are made of events of 42 years back when much
worse horrors are going on right in your face. The country is
being ruled by one or two men, and the rest are mere henchmen
and running dogs. Please don't vote for a person who is a
mere subaltern of such individuals. We should not vote for
people who show no sign of a distinct backbone or character
and evidently agree with the nationwide fascism.

Freedom, democracy and secularism are more important than
corruption. Corruption was better. Let the corrupt rule if
they allow us to talk, to eat and to be politically free.
India is nobody's backyard; it is one of the greatest nations
in the world. freedom is our birthright and we shall preserve it.

Let us not vote for persons who hurriedly make dozens of
promises everyday with dates and deadlines and violate them
at leisure. This seems to be the speciaity of some people.
Also, people with innumerable u-turns do not carry any
credit. The Navy could have moved out of Daboim. At least the
disgusting Military garages and workshops unnecessarily
occupying the central places of Panjim could have been moved
out. I see nothing patriotic in abusing civilian public places.

If Goa falls, it will be a turnaround in the entire course of
current Indian politics.


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