At what cost electricity unit

The Govt. is periodically enhances charges of electricity citing deficit
payments on purchases., The charges are  at  different rates for
consumption  of units. There is no accountability , justification for
consumers appreciation and are thus  forced to shell out since it  is an
essential service

The consumers are held to ransom because of necessity and  no alternative
to energy supply, The frequent disruptions, high  and  low voltage
fluctuations and consequent damage to electrical fittings , loss of
refrigerated foods are a bane of consumers.  There are no  registeredunions
, organisation    to fight for  consumer rights and grievances . The
unjustified arrogance of first pay and then protest against huge domestic
bills defies canons of natural justice. The previous energy consumption
should be a  necessary reference for adjudication before slapping such
unbearable charges and without hearing the consumer . The Minister
concerned cares two hoots and is loath even to acknowledge  personal
,confidential  legitimate correspondence of grievances, forget about any

The electronic meters have been replaced adding costs to consumers in order
to plug leakages; Tapping of energy goes unabated and is common knowledge.
Pilferage of energy, rebates  are  another issues that eats into the
resources ,as cases filed years ago are yet to conclude

Imagine in a bill of Rs734 as detailed below. The fixed charges should not
be billed separately, when consumed units are calculated at different rates
for total units consumed . The charges for units consumed and fixed charges
are  shown as Rs 538.10 + Rs 23.33=   Rs 561=43 for 302 units  .

 Other charges FPPCA sundry charges 102,36=  (b)Adv PP rebate 1.48  = (c)
Meter rent rs 11.67= (c) Electricity duty 60.40= Total Rs 175.91, Hence
total indicated as 734= does not seem to  tally

In spite of burdening consumers with sundry charges which are  very
substantial and unwarranted, The cost of unit charge alone is illusory if
other charges are added

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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