Waste dumped in the area invites stray cattle; Locals fear accidents; Sarvan 
sarpanch says he will look into the matter

Samir Umarye 
BICHOLIM: Several vehicles lying abandoned by the road side at Sarvan in 
Bicholim have been a major cause of concern for the commuters and the residents.

The vehicles on Bicholim-Sanquelim main road pose a risk, say locals, with the 
panchayat also turning a Nelson’s eye to them which can now only be sent to the 

 “These vehicles are lying here for over a year and no one is bothered about 
it” former Mayem ZP member Pondu Sawant said. Sawant has a business 
establishment right opposite to the site where these vehicles are an eyesore on 
the Bicholim-Sanquelim road. 

These vehicles could be from a nearby garage, say locals and the owner of the 
garage is reportedly not taking any efforts to clear the area. There are 
several vehicles, including a crane, car and some other vehicles. 

“All these vehicles are along the highway and there are chances that they could 
lead to some accident,” Sawant said. “The panchayat should instruct the garage 
owner to either sell the vehicles to some scrap yard or should ask the original 
owners to take away their vehicles,” he added. 

As per sources, the land belongs to comunidade while some of the area is also a 
private property. When contacted the Karapur-Sarvan sarpanch, Ramesh Sawant 
said that he would look into the matter.  

What is bothering most of the people, say locals, is that this site is also 
becoming a haven for the garbage dumpsters. In the evening there are cattle 
that are seen at this place feeding over the leftovers. 

“This place is like a dumping site and there are vehicles, garbage and all 
sorts of things. The cattle always pose problem for the smooth flow of traffic 
on this road and there have been even minor accidents at this place,” said 
Tukaram Sawant, a resident.

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