BICHOLIM: Despite several reports of fire destroying cashew plantations and dry 
grass, the authorities in Bicholim have not done much to provide water to the 
hydrants in the city causing inconvenience to the fire force. 

It may be stated that there are hydrants installed at several places in 
Bicholim but surprisingly only one hydrant has water while all others have been 
rendered useless. 

There is a hydrant installed near the Bicholim fire brigade but even this is 
not supplying water forcing the fire officials to hunt for water in times of 

This week there were two major incidents of fire where several cashew trees 
were gutted. About 2600 cashew trees belonging to a group of farmers from 
Tanavadi Vaddo, Pirna, Bardez were gutted in fire on Saturday afternoon causing 
them loss in lakhs of rupees. 

In another incident at Sarvan, Bicholim cashew plantation estimated to be 
around Rs 20 lakh was gutted in a fire. The fire force officials utilised three 
fire tenders and fought for nearly six hours to bring the fire under control. 
Besides this, there were several instances when dry grass was destroyed by 

Inquiries with the fire force disclosed that even though there are several fire 
incidents there is only one hydrant at Housing board that supplies them water. 
“There are hydrants but they do not have water. The PWD and the municipality 
should work together and install hydrants at strategic locations and should 
also give water to the already existing hydrants,” Bicholim fire force 
officials, Shridap Gawas said. "At present we take the water from the lone 
hydrant at Bicholim housing board or we get it from Padosem," he added. 

It may be stated that recently there was fire incident in the market and the 
fire brigade was not even able to go inside. “There was a hydrant in the market 
but it was broken by someone. Now if any fire incident happens there is no 
hydrant in the area which can instantly supply water to the fire brigade,” said 
Tejas Khedekar from Bicholim.

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