The serious point we are missing here is that in goa we have the uniform
civil code. Man and Women have equal rights. Now.....

legally I believe  the CM can be taken to court.

Morally we need to see how BACKward in goa have we  reached today. May be
in a few more years he may talk about SATI.


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Rico, this guy is absurdity personified.  What is this guy talking about
women drinking beer today. It?s not today?s story man. We?ve been drinking
beer for ages.  From age 14, I?ve been drinking beer. I?ve never made a
fool of myself and Have been a responsible person throughout - at my job
and as a parent. That I feel is most important for a woman. Needless to
say, today at the other end of the age spectrum, no liquor for me.


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