Please don't create confusion. We need to teach our children our proper
history. It only shows how brainwashed generation we are.

Everyone born in Goa before 1961 is a portuguese.

But yes if you are a genealogy/ethnicity expert....As a Matter of
professional curiosity you could delve into his DNA and see if his
ancestors has white, black or blue skin. Or of course if you are a
shameless Racist.


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On 11 February 2018 at 17:57, Eugene Correia <>

> Here it is that I quoted from (see last para) which  I had found in google
> search.
> Eugene
> -----
> Board Member, USA, United Bid Committee 2026
> Vice President of U.S. Soccer
> Carlos Cordeiro has three decades of experience in international business
> and finance and serves as Vice President of the U.S. Soccer Federation.
> Carlos Cordeiro was born in India in 1956 to Goan and Colombian parents.
> He is a graduate of Harvard College (AB, magna cum laude in Economics,
> 1978) and Harvard Business School (MBA, 1980).

REPLY: Since his father was a Cordeiro, I was informed in the past that all
Cordeiros hail from Saligao. So perhaps someone from Saligao should be able
to throw light on this.

Not sure if Carlos attended Harvard or Tufts; both Boston institutes, the
former a prestigious University. Many Tufts graduates simply say they

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