For far too long, India whether under US pressure or not, has been giving its 
aggressive neighbour free rein to commit terrorist attacks on its soil.

Under the sponsorship of the Pakistan Army, hostile groups across the border 
have become emboldened enough to attack divisional Police Stations, Army bases, 
paramilitary camps a major metropolis and some time ago even the Indian 

The more India delays swift retribution in the form of a major counter-strike 
like the Israelis recently undertook on Iranian and Syrian military targets, 
the more Pakistan will solidify its thinking that India is afraid of their 
‘first-strike’ nuclear policy.

The current Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has given reasons why he is 
ready to call the Pakistan nuclear bluff. He is the first Army Chief to do so.

A good Defence Minister would take Rawat’s cue and bring around the Cabinet to 
stand behind whatever action he has in mind. Unless Modi is a coward, fit only 
to oversee attacks on defenceless minorities, he should be spearheading 
Operation Vengeance.

Eventually the only recourse open to India to solve the Kashmiri 
Pakistani-supported terrorist menace would be to act exactly like Israel. You 
hit us once and we’ll immediately make you sorry you did it. No warning, no 
dilly-dallying, the entire nation behind the government’s decision and the 
Armed Forces’ action.

The Pakistani people may be hospitable and peaceful but there are enough 
Islamic fanatics in their midst to drive the agenda for the rest of their 
country while the peacemakers can only watch on helplessly. Fanatical Islamism 
only understands the language of brute, merciless force. 

Islamic terrorism can only be contained by the strong-armed tactics  shown by 
countries like the United States, Israel and Russia. China understands India’s 
right to live in peace, but even if they choose for their own immediate 
interests to support Pakistan in an armed confrontation, India can look to 
Israel and Russia if the US decides to take a neutral position which it will 
not do for long, when it sees Russia intervene.

In this whole scenario, India’s economic clout and the world’s dislike of 
terrorism will play a positive role in the support that other countries give.

Roland Francis

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