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"Surprisingly Melbourne is not on this list...."

Comment:Melbourne is on the following list :
Many citiesworldwide have invested in large desalination plants to meet or 
supplementtheir potable water needs by conversion of abundant seawater into 
drinkingwater.Riyadh  in SaudiArabia  (274 milliongallons/day)Sorek  in Israel 
(165 million gallons per day)San Diego inCalifornia (50 million gallons per 
day)Chennai and Jamnagar in India(each about 26 million gallons per day) 
Australia hasdesalination plants in Perth, Sidney ,Wonthaggi-Victoriaabout 137 
Km from Melbourne (145 million gallons/day)
At the last count reported by Google there were over 18 thousanddesalination 
plants in the world producing over 23 billion gallons of drinkingwater per day 
sufficient for about 300 million people. 14KW Hours of energy arerequired to 
produce 1000 gallons of desalinated water. Some of the energyrequired could 
come from solar conversions.
The desalinationprocess removes the minerals that we take for granted in the 
fresh rain water supply.Required minerals can be metered back into the 
desalinated drinking water so that the water meets the drinking water standards.

In Goa we are very fortunate to have abundant fresh water. Monsoon and 
therivers ! 
However as the population increasesdramatically, perhaps a large desalination 
plant may be needed to supplement theneeds in the dry season. Best Regards. E. 

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