Very few survive cancer, or live even five years with it.
But a lot can be done, at least in India I feel. For the love of Brahma,
hospices at the very very very least.

The beer part has subtext to it, but one can only take issues at it on face
value. He said, does not care, Created an issue. There is more to it.

They use whatever to jostle you, people, dogs, coconut tress. In future it
will be pigs dashing through places of worship, prostitutes having to
reveal more, beard lengths, waxing with khadi thread, chappal days, lezim
for the masses, kho-kho for matrons, crosses to be painted in saffron,
missal as chakna in bars, and balls on toast. Besides, other cows in the

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 12:13 PM, Roland Francis <roland.fran...@gmail.com>

> Things like these is what Parrikar should be exercising his mind over, not
> women who drink beer.
> Roland Francis
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> > Do GOACAN a favour, circulate this email to your
> > family members, relatives, neighbours and friends.
> > Help other CONSUMERS to be better informed.
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> >
> > Urgent need for better cancer treatment facilities at GMC
> >
> >
> >
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> > The Navhind Times 11/02/18
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