Adm Pin’s father did not die in 1987.

It was the year he retired as Air Marshal.

> On Feb 12, 2018, at 6:40 PM, Roland Francis <> wrote:
> A Christian Keralite, Rear Admiral  Philipose George Pynumoothil 52, has 
> taken charge as Flag Officer Naval Aviation making him the head honcho of the 
> Naval base at Dabolim, Goa.
> From a military family, Adm. Pin joined as a naval helicopter pilot in 1986 
> after his NDA 67th course. His brother who was also a naval aviator died in 
> an accident in the previous year while his father a fighter pilot who became 
> an Air Marshal, died in 1987. 
> His sister is married to a Brigadier in the Armoured Corps and his wife 
> taught at the naval maritime academy in Bombay.
> Happy posting Admiral and hope you are good for Goa.

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