The costs of living are shooting up in more ways than one! People are taxed 
mentally, physically and monetarily to help government get its act together, 
instead of the other way around! Besides the snags in finger print verification 
and technical/ software glitches, there is now a 18% hike in GST for each 
Aadhar update. Even for RTI and bank transactions there is GST, but not for 
petrol. I was shocked to see bank charges on bank draft cancellation and re 
issue due no fault of mine, with plus GST each time! Are customers in due 
course to pay for recovering bank's NPAs? The government seems to slowly be 
making everything a business transaction. Reportedly  hospital  admissiont 
denied in the emergency ward due absence of Aadhar card and woman consequently 
had to deliver in a cycle stand? Also reported starvation due non issue of 
rations etc which are ground realities, stubbornly denied by the government 
which insists no one is denied services due absense of card, since that 
stipulation is claimed to be in the Aadhar Act itself!There is a lot of tension 
and pains imposed on the senior citizens and the common man, especially the 
poor and illiterate. The RTO says forms are not available and are to  be 
downloaded from their site. Less expense and trouble for government.Their 
portals could be more user friendly if staff could help/ convey feedback.  Is 
this the way government claims to help in spreading ease of living? Law and 
disorder in rapes, hate crimes, drugs, polarization etc. Inflation, costs of 
living sky rocketing. These are facts and ground realities. We must not have a 
government that lives in denial with a lot of slogans and dreams with more and 
more government and less effective governance for the common citizen! The 
middle class are badly effected and imagine the plight of the poor who will 
have to rely on government doles!

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