Pakistan’s habit of threatening India with a first-strike nuclear attack even 
if India attacks with conventional weapons, has at last been exposed as a bluff 
by Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat who had indicated to them that he had a 
strategy to deal with it.

That his calling of their bluff was effective, can be see from the Pakistan 
Defence Minister’s latest statement.

“New Delhi: A day after India blamed Pakistan for the recent terrorist attacks 
in Army and CRPF camps in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Defence Minister Khurram 
Dastgir Khan, on Tuesday, warned that any Indian aggression will be met with an 
equal and proportionate response.
“Pakistan will pay India in its own coin in case of any Indian misadventure,” 
Khan said. “Any Indian aggression, strategic miscalculation, or misadventure 
regardless of its scale, mode, or location, will not go unpunished and shall be 
met with an equal and proportionate response.”

‘Equal and proportionate’ simply means they would use the same weaponry that 
India uses.

A victory for Gen. Rawat and for India.

Deccan Chronicle : Any Indian misadventure to be paid in its own coin, says Pak 
defence minister

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Roland Francis

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